SEO to suit your business size. Pay for what you need, and nothing more

Every website needs content-driven SEO to be successful. Without it, you cannot gain the high organic rankings and visibility that will drive prospective customers to your products, services and information.

Our SEO service for large enterprises offer unlimited management and technical expertise, and delivers fantastic results. However, we know that not all businesses need the same levels of service to be successful in their industry!

We’ll find the quickest and most effective way to increase your reach

If your business is targeting a specific geographical area, or a niche market, you can usually gain great results with a limited amount of SEO.

Our services for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are designed to be highly focused; building visibility and traffic within a set time frame each month. Using the same tried and tested methods as our services for larger customers, your dedicated SEO expert for the capped hours service will prioritise the work that needs doing on your site to fit the time available.

Small business SEO – focusing on niche visibility

Our approach to SEO for small businesses is not much different from our full search engine optimisation service. The main difference is that, for a small business, SEO is often focused on a locality or a low-volume niche.

Each month, we’ll look at how your site has performed in the previous month and build on that progress to find the next target for growth. Looking at site integrity, your search queries data, penalty risk and content strategy and how they can be utilised to improve the visibility for your site.

  • We’ll help your social media support your SEO objectives.
  • We’ll set up the tracking that you need to measure the success of SEO.
  • We give you access to Apollo, our mine of data about not only your site but also your competitors.
  • We’ll identify areas of your site with growth potential and then target them using our fix, boost and fill methodology.

With many of our small business customers, Google+ Local optimisation forms a key part of the strategy and we’ll optimise your listing and work on your citations. We help small businesses build their authority in the search engines so that their online presence reaches new audiences.

You get all this care, expertise and service for a fixed monthly price, so you have peace of mind for your budget and can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Understanding small businesses

The team working on capped campaigns understand how SMBs work, we know you don’t have unlimited time or resources. We’ll work directly on the site or liaise with web design companies or IT providers to save you acting as a “go between”. We report on the results that matter to you and we’ll explain what they mean – we fully appreciate that you don’t want to spend ages understanding jargon or pages and pages of numbers. We’ll work with you on any priority products or services that you want to focus on, because it is important to get search engine results where the profit areas of your business are.

Fixed price SEO, focused service, great results

Before we talk about pricing for our services, our first action is always to thoroughly discuss your business, your goals and then take a look at your website. We’ll then work out what we need to do each month to help you grow your business. This includes looking at your current penalty risk, content marketing and social media strategies.

Call our small business SEO team

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