Reach more local customers on your doorstep and increase total sales.

People searching for local businesses tend to be highly qualified buyers, often with the intent of purchasing products or services offered locally. Your local market is an important one and an area that is quite often overlooked, given the focus of appearing on top of the search engines for hero keywords.

Local search is not for every business, but if you serve regional customers and you want to appear in these search results, then you need look at this aspect of SEO. Additionally, this area is applicable not just to one man bands operating in a town, but can be just as important for nationwide chains. The benefits of spending time on this will then have the potential to be huge – provided it is managed well.

We offer local search optimisation services as part of our main SEO offerings. The type of work we undertake varies from customer to customer, but generally we will aim to ensure that following is undertaken:

  • Research and optimisation of location-based search phrases, such as ‘SEO agency in Portsmouth’. This is aimed at capturing the most relevant traffic for your business and ensuring key landing pages on your website are optimised to cater for these terms in a non-spammy way.
  • The most effective on- and off-page content, to both secure and maintain high organic rankings.
  • Adding listings to trusted and established citation sources to improve rankings locally.
  • Building local citations from our trusted database of quality sources to help boost your SEO efforts as well as underlying brand awareness.
  • A Google Places listing for your business that is fully optimised to deliver organic rankings and is linked to your website. We will ensure that all locations required have an accurate listing that looks good with the correct map markers, images, videos, opening and closing times, and payment options.
  • Optimisation of photos, video content and customer reviews to support your Google Places listing.
  • Providing optimisation recommendations for your website to leverage powerful SEO best practices, such as the use of rich snippets and responsive design to capture the increasing mobile search market share.
  • Reviewing your site to see if customer reviews are being used in the optimal way. Customer reviews are part of the local search eco-system.

Customer reviews count!

Google Places has also boosted the visibility of sites with higher review counts. So, in addition to adding great content that will enhance your credibility with new prospects, it is becoming even more important to get reviews that appear on your Google Places listing. We will help with providing you with ideas on how this can be achieved.

Moving forward, mobile and local search is a massively growing trend. So if you have not taken advantage of the options available for optimising your presence locally, please do get in touch with us.