Yes, you can compete with Amazon

Online retailers are often frustrated by big brands like Amazon dominating the search results. Whatever you search for, they sell it and they rank well for it. Don’t be disheartened because there’s plenty of traffic to go around.

The key is to be found for the right things at the right time, and our SEO expertise will help you to identify the opportunities that will get your products seen.

Visibility in search results for your products

The methodology we employ for Ecommerce SEO is largely the same as our general SEO methodology, but Ecommerce searches tend to be closer to the bottom of the sales funnel, with searchers intending to purchase or ready to purchase. Therefore, we tailor your optimisation activity to this understanding.

We know you want to achieve sales, so we focus on this as a key performance indicator. Primarily, our job is to help you achieve more visibility, translating this into traffic.

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Technical SEO on your website

We need to make sure the site is well structured, fast and featuring all the right content. Improving the performance of the website is important. Page speed is an essential factor because visitors can decide to leave in the blink of an eye if the page doesn’t load quickly.

Optimising products and category pages

One of the most common problems with online shops is duplicate content or poor product descriptions. We work with you to improve the overall quality of each product and category page, to add more useful information for the customers.


Gaining customer reviews is a good way to show that other customers have confidence in you, but this can also bring benefits to your optimisation and visibility. Improving the information on product pages as well as main pages of the site, but also encouraging customers to engage with the website more.

Structured data

Structured data is a way of tagging your content so that search engines can display additional information. For example, plugging in a third party review platform can make your website more eye-catching when it appears in search results. We’ll help you evaluate the best options and advise you on the pros and cons of each.

Social media ecommerce optimisation

Integrating social sharing buttons to your website encourages customers to share your products on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google+. Not only that – the more you use social media channels of your own to talk to customers and encourage them to interact socially around your brand, the more authority your brand is likely to have in search results. We guide you on the best ways to implement and manage this.

Ecommerce on multiple devices

Many people now use mobile phones and tablets to surf the web. We have to be conscious of how this could affect either your visibility, your traffic or your sales. We us on-going data analysis to understand the traffic across different devices and we can tailor our SEO tactics to meet the diverse demands of the modern technological landscape.

Ecommerce tracking and reporting

With ecommerce tracking or goal tracking we help you make sense of your online sales and how they occur. Digging into the detail helps us to identify opportunities for further growth.

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