Welcome to the new SEO – how it should be done

Search engine optimisation is about being seen. If you think SEO is all about focusing on ranking positions for a small number of hero phrases, think again. What you get with Vertical Leap is a focus on ALL the keywords – we put effort into boosting your visibility in ALL search results.

To grow your sales organically, you need to get more traffic. To get more traffic you need more visibility in search engines for a wider range of search queries.

Great SEO looks at all the keywords and all the traffic. The majority of your organic traffic comes from a wide range of longer search queries. The longer the query, the more a visitor is likely to become a customer.

Full transparency – see the data for yourself

Using our own (Apollo) campaign management software, we gather big data that helps us understand how your site is performing. Apollo shows us some great information, including:

  • Your site’s visibility in search results
  • Find out what your audience searches for
  • Track how your site ranks against your competitors

With Vertical Leap managing your SEO, you get access to Apollo so you can see all the same data – as well as information about the activities we carry out in your search engine optimisation campaign.

More visibility from more search queries

We can see all the searches in Google where your site is being shown, we know how many people click on your search result, we know who your competitors are and how they are performing compared with you. With your business objectives as our guide, the SEO strategy follows an agile process, with each month’s activity following our tried and tested methodology.

  • Fix what is broken. Technical SEO to make your site appear better to search engines.
  • Boost what you have. We look at what pages or content are working for you and boost these.
  • Fill the gaps. We find what you are not visible for and create content to address this.

Impressions graph from Apollo

Meeting your business objectives

This is the new SEO – leverage big data, follow an agile marketing approach, deliver results in shorter timescales, focus on visibility and traffic across all search phrases, rather than looking only at a small set of search keywords. Your website will be better for it in the long run.

We report to you on a regular basis and consult with you about how our work affects your business results, and vice versa. This collaborative approach ensures the SEO activity delivers real value.

Traffic increases

Which level is right for you?

We offer two levels of our fixed fee, fully-managed SEO service – capped and uncapped. The uncapped service is our full service, with an SEO specialist and a content team adding strength to your brand awareness and creation of in-bound links. The capped service is designed for companies with smaller budgets or niche requirements.

Content is central to search engine optimisation

Content is the bedrock for SEO – it helps boost visibility in search results and it helps to drive referral traffic. Your core pages as well as articles, on your site and on other sites linking to you, all make a difference to your visibility.

As part of our search engine optimisation service, we perform content outreach to websites that are relevant to your audience and your business. We produce or share content with these sites to build your brand awareness and to earn links that could attract new traffic. Enhancing your profile in this careful and strategic way boosts the authority of your website.

You also have the option of increasing the content output to boost your website further, with a Supporting Content package. Additional content on your own site supports you by increasing the potential to be found through search. It also creates more opportunities to gain referral traffic from social media. Your SEO campaign manager will work with you to help you maximise every available opportunity.