Vertical Leap offers marketing agencies the chance to offer specialist search marketing services where they do not have the expertise or resources in-house.

A lot of our end-client relationships come from partners, who could be web design companies, developers, PR agencies or other businesses with a large client base.

Create a new revenue stream

Vertical Leap gives you the ability to sell SEO and paid search as a service to your clients, with the confidence that the campaigns will be managed by specialists in each area.

We pay you a commission, which is a percentage of the client’s monthly contract fee.

We can be client-facing…

You can refer your clients direct to us in return for the partner commission. On this basis, we speak directly to your client for the services that we provide, and you continue to receive a commission for the life of the contract.

…or we work through the partner

Some partners prefer to maintain the whole relationship with the clients. In this situation, we contract with the partner to provide the service – the partner then manages the relationship with the client. With this approach, we discount the service to the partner, who can then mark it up for the client.

Benefits of partnership with Vertical Leap

  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Reduce cashflow variability
  • Differentiate your agency from competitors
  • Increase customer retention

We provide partners with sales advice about our service and how to explain it to clients.

Some examples of existing partnerships

We work with a company that specialises in the creation, hosting and management of websites for estate agents. When SEO and content is required to help with a website’s marketing, the client is referred to Vertical Leap.

Some web design companies that focus only on design and development refer clients to us for SEO or paid search, as well as just content on some occasions.

PR agencies are finding, more and more these days, that clients want a wider mix of marketing activities spinning off their PR activities. We work with some PR agencies that refer clients to us for this reason – they have been asked to offer the service but they don’t have the capability.

This type of collaborative partnership works both ways. We expand our portfolio, but the partner benefits from adding value to their client.