Design & optimisation

Vertical Leap design, build, and optimise landing pages with a proven track record of increasing conversion rate for PPC Campaigns. We believe that PPC should never stop at an ad click; we know that what the visitor does when they arrive on your site is just as important as the click preceding it. By increasing conversion rate using highly optimised landing pages, we can guide the visitor towards a conversion point whether it’s a form submission or a sale.

You get

  • Our team of professional creatives create pages to showcase your business in the best way possible way, and guide visitors toward an enquiry or sale.
  • Existing landing pages get a complete overhaul by our creative team and paid search experts.
  • Continual proactive testing, adjustment and refinement of content, messaging, and structure.

The process

Landing page creation is a cooperative process. We work with you to ensure that your landing page is in line with your brand and your goals.

Our team of experts will evaluate your website, identifying key messaging and content. We will answer the question, ‘what does a visitor need to see in order to convert?’ and then make sure all of these key features are included on the page. We start by wireframing the page; laying out the different elements on for you to review page structure and features. Once content and structure have been agreed, we get to work designing and building your page. A first draft of the completed page will be sent to you to review the aesthetics. We will then implement the landing page, and begin testing it with your PPC Campaigns.

At any point of the process, you can request additions or alterations.

On-going optimisation

We will create and publish your landing pages, and then test and refine to find the best and most effective layouts, calls to action, and messaging. We carry out ongoing A/B testing to ensure that we’re constantly improving page performance.  We don’t wait for you to ask us, we just get on with the job.

Dynamic content

Some businesses may require multiple variations of a landing page, for example an estate agent who wants a page for every city in their catchment area. We specialise in creating landing pages with dynamic content which changes to suit the visitor.

CRM integration

Do you use a customer relationship management system (CRM) like Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho? Vertical Leap landing pages can be integrated so that leads from the landing pages will appear in your CRM and can be processed in the same way as a lead from your main website.

Advanced analytics

Upon request, Vertical Leap can add advanced analytics capabilities to your landing pages. These include heat mapping software, which shows you visitors’ mouse movements and clicks, and call tracking, which records phone enquiries from PPC landing pages and tracks calls back to the ad click.