Google Shopping can deliver additional visits and sales to ecommerce websites

From February 2013, Google Shopping began phasing out free product placements. Now, Google Shopping is becoming part of Google’s paid advertising product base. This means that anyone who has previously uploaded a feed to Merchant Center will have to pay to get an advert in Google for products using the new Product Listing Ads. The transition to this method of advertising will be complete by the end of Q2 2013.

Following this change, free adverts for Google Shopping will no longer be available.

How Vertical Leap can help

You’ll need an active and up-to-date Google Shopping product data feed. Most ecommerce platforms can easily export this for you. We can advise and review your feed to ensure it complies with best practice methods and that all required data fields are present – as well as included – in your product listings. This is crucial to for a successful Google shopping campaign, as Google will only approve and display products that are accompanied by a complete data set. Keeping your feed refreshed ensures Google is fed only high-quality, accurate data.

Get better results

Once your feed is complete, one of our qualified PPC team will manage the ongoing placement of your product ad listings to ensure that you get the best visibility, the most clicks and the best possible return on investment for your adverts. As with any paid search campaign, it’s vital your campaigns are expertly optimised to drive good quality, relevant traffic.

Benefits of Google Product Ads

Google Merchant Center can deliver fantastic results for ecommerce websites; allowing promotion of products which are closely related to a users search. The reason for this is that the results are integrated into the main search results and Google matches a relevant product from your feed to a keyword search.

Connection of your Merchant Center account to your AdWords account is necessary to allow the running of a shopping paid search campaign. Once this connection is complete, paid ad listings can be configured as a campaign with AdWords and run with a unique budget.

Once your adverts are set up and displaying, you will pay for clicks on a cost-per-click basis (CPC) – just like on normal AdWords ads. Position in the search results for these product listings will be based on your bid price and the relevancy of your adverts to the keywords searched for.

Shopping Ads run in parallel to any existing paid campaigns and complement any standard text Ads you may have. They make a fantastic addition to Google AdWords, making your products stand out with greater visibility, directly in search results pages.

To find out more about our Google Shopping Adverts and how this can help your business please contact us today.