Google PartnerPay per click advertising (PPC) works across different platforms – social media, display networks and search engines. The most popular type of PPC advertising is Google AdWords, which accounts for a large percentage of the global spend on paid marketing channels.

Many companies pay for search engine advertising on Google and it’s easy to set up and use, offering strong rewards for campaigns that are run well. Clients come to us to manage Google AdWords for them because it’s easy to lose money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Google AdWords campaigns should run over time, where you constantly refine the targeting to improve the cost per conversion. The Vertical Leap PPC specialists are Google AdWords certified and they are experienced at improving the return on investment for small businesses or large corporations.

Your AdWords campaigns, managed by us

We can either take over an existing Google AdWords account or set up a new one on your behalf. With Vertical Leap, you are in control – we work on your account instead of hiding all the information from you and not telling you how we work.

Your campaign delivery manager will work to your business objectives and build an optimised AdWords campaign that’s designed to achieve the following benefits:

–          Lower cost per click

–          Lower cost per conversion

–          More conversions

How do we get those results?

Initially, we spend time on keyword research and creating the ad copy as well as building the ad groups within a campaign in a way that is designed to improve quality scores. A lot of work goes into filtering out people based on various criteria – such as geographic location or time of day.

There’s no point in setting up AdWords campaigns and then switching them off for a while, then back on later. We get results over time – as the campaign runs over time we tweak the filtering, improve keyword selection and work on improving the quality score – which is the measure used by Google AdWords to judge the value of an ad.

If you already have a running campaign with AdWords, we offer a free health check service where we provide recommendations on how to improve your campaigns.

As we work on your PPC campaign we will make recommendations based on improving things for you and will cover some of the below AdWords options.


Making full use of Enhanced Campaigns, we make sure your paid adverts show to the right people in the right locations at the right time. This will ensure that you aren’t wasting money running adverts in the middle of the night, or in places you don’t offer your services.


As mobile internet usage increases, it’s becoming more and more important to ensure that your online paid ads are visible to mobile visitors. We can help you to set up targeted campaigns for mobile devices to make the most of this ever growing traffic.


If someone has come to your website but not converted we can help you reengage with these people by running remarketing campaigns for you targeted with either text or a banner to try and entice these people back to your site and to convert.

Google Shopping Ads

If you run an ecommerce website we can also help you target users searching for products like yours directly from the search results with pricing information and images directly from your site. This can help draw people into your site and make a sale.

So if you are currently running a campaign with AdWords or you want to start doing so why not contact us today to see how you can benefit from our AdWords PPC management services.