Reach your audience with your ads, wherever they are online

The Google Display Network gives you more chances to make a sale

Advertising via the Google Display Network allows you to directly reach the customers who need your products or services, by placing your ads on thousands of the websites they visit.

Tailored visual ads

The Google Display Network enables you to create highly focused campaigns based on demographic information. This means your content can be incredibly tailored to their needs, which is more likely to convert to an enquiry or a sale.

We deliver:

  • Display ads –  banner ads, skycraper ads and MPUs designed by a team of professional creatives to showcase your business and attract new customers
  • Existing campaigns get a complete overhaul by our creative team and paid search experts. We’ll check performance of your Google Display Network campaign and tell you how we can make it work even better
  • Expert, hands-on management of your Google Display Network campaign with our proven successful techniques together with our unique technology Apollo
  • Continual proactive testing, adjustment and refinement of your landing page and display ad designs
  • And you get all this care, attention and creative talent included as standard with all Display Advertising management services

Proven results, fixed prices

All marketing activity is about generating growth, and using the Google Display Network to advertise your business is no exception.

We have delivered fantastic results for our paid search customers, and do not charge a management fee based on your ad spend, but rather on the amount of work required to keep your ads delivering great results.  It’s not in our interest to push you into spending more, we make your budget go further and work harder.

We provide a quote for managing your campaign that includes all the work we need to carry out  –  review, research, design, implementation, and that quote is fixed.  No surprise or hidden extras.

Our service for Google Display Network

When we manage your display advertising campaign, we will evaluate who you are trying to attract, where they browse online and then design and produce the full range of banners, skyscrapers and MPUs (mid page units) you need.  Our Content-driven approach to paid search means we examine every aspect of the campaign; your offers, headlines, sales copy, contact forms, images and CTA’s.

Our display ad management is meticulous, constant and hands-on.  We continually test and refine campaigns to maximise their performance, increasing your results and return on investment.

We are proactive in our approach, so we’ll always let you know if we think can improve the performance of your ads, and keep you up to date with the latest trends and developments that will affect your campaign.

Our people

Our team of paid search experts are all Google AdWords qualified, and have access to a dedicated account manager at Google.  They work with our in-house creative team to deliver fantastic ads for your campaign.

Our unique technology adds value

Apollo is unique to us, and support the delivery of our customers’ paid search campaigns.  Because it records every single action we perform, it allows us to be completely transparent in our processes, and gives us visibility of your campaign performance at a highly granular level. Learn more about Apollo.