We manage your investment for a better return

Google PartnerPaying for clicks sounds like a simple way to acquire customers, but if you don’t invest wisely in the right kinds of clicks, you can end up spending more money than necessary. Vertical Leap’s paid search professionals specialise in building, optimising and maintaining pay-per-click advertising campaigns for maximum return on investment.Whether you invest in PPC on Google, Bing, LinkedIn or Facebook, a healthy bottom line depends on the right demographic targeting, avoidance of wasted clicks and a focus on conversion.

Your advertising fund managed by specialists

As an official Google Partner agency, our PPC experts use the latest techniques and tools to create campaigns that provide real, quantifiable results. You set your business objectives, and your budget. We identify the best way to invest your budget in order to achieve your objectives. We aim to increase the scale and budget of your campaign over time, once it has proven to deliver a profitable return. As your PPC grows, the more you invest, the more you see in return.

Fixed fees as ROI improves

By employing the latest tracking and measuring processes, we measure the results produced by every paid-for click. Vertical Leap always provides full visibility of campaign performance, so that you can always see the return on your investment.

Regardless of your advertising budget, Vertical Leap charges a fixed monthly management fee.

Detailed reporting and productive feedback

Vertical leap provides detailed account performance reports to your requirements, and your campaign delivery manager (CDM) will regularly discuss these with you to ensure that our priorities and goals are aligned with yours.

Vertical Leap believes that PPC is about more than just ad performance. We help you understand how your website is performing. By tracking visitors from click to conversion, we help identify key areas for improvement on your website.

You will benefit from our recommendations for on-site changes with a view to increasing conversion rate (the rate at which visitors turn into leads, enquiries or sales). These recommendations will help improve performance of your website as a whole, not just the performance of your PPC traffic.

Investing in different advertising platforms

Google Adwords is the best-known PPC channel, but it is not the only one. We specialise in serving pay per click ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin, in addition to comprehensive display advertising via the Google Display Network and Doubleclick network. Vertical Leap identifies the best platforms on which to advertise your business.

Google AdWords
The largest platform for paid search. AdWords’ comprehensive targeting options allow us to serve ads only to potential customers who are looking for your product or service.

Google Display Network
Using display ads designed by our professional team, we place your ads on a network of websites. We can target users based on them having visited your site already, or based on a search they have performed.

Bing Ads
The Yahoo! Bing network allows us to deliver traffic to your site from those searchers who do not use Google.

If your product has wide consumer appeal, Facebook is a good way to reach consumers in a different environment with a slightly different message. In some circumstances Facebook is more effective than Google – our experts will advise you.

PPC campaigns on LinkedIn can be set to target specific demographics and drive people to your website or your LinkedIn company page. Usually recommended for B2B, we can show your product or service to people who have specific job titles, positions in a company or even employees from certain industries.

Try our investment-based approach to PPC

Our approach to PPC management is an investment-based one. We manage your fund for the best possible return – making sure you minimise spend on worthless traffic; ensuring you attract visitors that are more likely to convert to customers.

Vertical Leap brings together a wide range of PPC services to provide a powerful advertising strategy for your business. All our PPC packages are fully customisable; our business development managers will talk you through the options, and will work with our experts to recommend a package that is tailored to your requirements.

Call 0845 123 2753 for a chat. Ask for a free PPC health check of your existing Adwords account.