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Why Ecommerce sites need a paid search campaign and an expert to run it

For Ecommerce firms looking to secure a rapid and sizeable return on their marketing investment, there are few better channels to pursue than pay-per-click (PPC). The steady flow of visitors gained from strategically placed advertisements helps online shops increase inquiries for their goods, producing more leads and a much welcomed boost to sales – it’s advertising by numbers. However, many online retailers fail to properly structure their PPC campaigns and therefore miss the full range of advantages on offer. Failing to... Read more

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Google Analytics for ecommerce websites

When you sell products online, it’s important to be able to report on how your website is performing, what products are selling well and which of your marketing activities are helping you to gain more sales. Using Google Analytics (GA) correctly, you can not only track the number of people coming through to your website via your marketing activities, but also which products sell best and which pages convert well. You can even improve the processes of your checkout to reduce... Read more

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I’m not sure about search marketing…

What can you respond when someone remarks ‘I’m not sure about search marketing…’? Welcome to your ‘concerns’ guide, which has been put together by Vertical Leap’s team of search marketing experts. Whether you are building a business case to present to your bosses, or you are the decision maker battling with some deep rooted questions about SEO, PPC or content marketing, this whitepaper will help you see the huge benefits of search marketing and the common pitfalls for those not in... Read more

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Google Analytics Glossary

Last revised and updated July 2014 Account Your account is the holding place for your GA profiles. An account can have multiple profiles underneath it allowing you to track more than one website or create different views of the data of one website. In the GA tracking code, the longest number represents your account number – as highlighted here: UA-XXXXXX-1 Bounce A bounce is recorded in GA when a visitor to your website only visits one page on the site and leaves without undertaking another... Read more

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Who really scored the goal? Conversion attribution for online marketing

In football, the striker is rewarded for scoring the goal, but do the goal assists get any credit? Although it’s a team effort, tracking the players who contributed to the goal is a challenge. This scenario is often the same with marketing. Finding out which channels are driving your conversions (a sign-up, subscription, download, enquiry, purchase) can be tricky, and often the credit is simply given to the ‘last click’, the point of conversion. To make sure your marketing budget and activities... Read more

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