The Ultimate Q & A to Google Penalties

The ultimate Q&A to Google penalties

A lot of people in the marketing world have, at least once, heard that a website has been “penalised by

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PDF Optimisation Guide

A Guide to Optimising PDF Files Using Microsoft Word 2010

PDFs are a commonly missed opportunity. Google can read anything that you can basically click, drag and highlight in a

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A Guide to Google Penalties

How to identify a penalty, what to do about it, and when to expect things to improve. This guide will show you practical tips to identify or avoid a search engine penalty, as well as some case studies of penalty recoveries

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How SEO Works Today

How SEO works today

If you have previously worked with an SEO company you may have some set ideas of how SEO works. If

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The Importance of Well Written Content

The importance of well written content for your website

Content is what makes up your entire website. Without it, you don’t even have a site, let alone one that

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How to implement video in your content marketing

Content marketing is now common practice for almost all businesses. Having whitepapers, blogs, infographics and webinars are normal methods for

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How link building has changed over the years

How link building has changed over the years

The task of link building has changed considerably over the past few years. The old, traditional methods are now, by and large,

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Why content is integral to seo

Why content is integral to SEO

Content and SEO have almost become indistinguishable from one another. You cannot expect to have a good SEO campaign without

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Improving your Website – A Guide to SEO

Generating greater business from your existing online marketing channels is essential for the modern marketer.

As trends show marketers are opting

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The Google Disavow Tool and the link clean-up process

Google Penguin and Unnatural Links Penalty Recovery

If your website has been hit by either the Penguin algorithm update or an

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