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This Week in Search – 7 December 2012

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Welcome to the first of our weekly Video blogs updating you about the latest happenings in the world of search.

If you don’t have headphones at work you can read the transcript below:

Hello, I’m Joe Elvin and here’s what’s been happening this week in search.

Matt Cutts has revealed that 90 per cent of Google Webmaster Messages are related to black hat issues. Surprisingly, he said just 3 per cent of issues regarded broken links.

Microsoft has created a website warning consumers about the changes to Google Shopping.

The website makes it clear that all Google Shopping results and now paid ads and invites users to try out Bing instead!

2012 has been named “the year of growth for content marketing” by

Writing for the esteemed business website, Brandon Gutman has listed Virgin, American Express, Marriott, Loreal and Vanguard as leading brands to have adopted sound content strategies.

SEO bloggers have been encouraged to build a link building scouting report before they first start reaching out to blogs.

James Daugherty, who writes guest blogs on behalf of, says being aware of what sort of blogs to target can save a lot of time.

What does a SEO Practioners Job Actually Involve? That’s the question asked by SEOmoz founder Rand Fishkin.

Speaking as part of his ‘Whiteboard Friday’ series, he urged SEO experts to do whatever it takes to positively impact their projects, whether it is in their traditional job description or not.

SEOs should work closely with creatives in order to make fantastic video content.

That’s the opinion of Distilled London SEO consultant Phil Nottingham. In a guest blog for, he explains how both professionals have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to video content.

Those who want a recap of the changes Google has made to its search engine results pages can now head over to

The website published a feature yesterday summarising the major alterations.

Create content which withstands the test of time!

That was the takeaway tip from a recent interview with blogging expert Michael Hyatt. In a Q&A conducted for, Hyatt revealed that at least half of his traffic comes from visits to older blog posts.

Another blog on the socialmediaexaminer website has suggested that ‘introducing your employees‘  is a great way to improve your brand image on Facebook.

The article, written by Jim Belosic, explains that customers love to do business with companies they feel they know.

And finally, SEOs have been urged to invent new buzzwords as part of their advanced link building strategy. blogger Pratik Dholakiya suggests that practioners could set up a Google Alert for this phrase and ask everyone who uses it to link back to their website.

And so came the birth of ‘Joe Elvining’,  which is the official new word for making awesome SEO news videos.

That’s your lot folks. I am Joe Elvin. We’ll see you next week.

Here’s the links I mentioned in this week’s video blog if you want to read more:

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