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SearchLove Sketchnotes

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by Dave Colgate

During an epic SearchLove London 2012 I wanted to try something a little different in capturing the information and take-aways from the awesome presentations. I decided to give sketchnoting a try and created some illustrations highlighting the important points. Not all of them are done yet, so I’ll update this as they’re finished off and not all the presentations have one to accompany them (my hand starts aching after a while!).

Download the complete PDF of my Sketchnotes:

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Live Site Reviews with Wil Reynolds, Stephen Pavlovich and Hannah Smith

SearchLove 2012 Live Site Reviews

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Dave Peiris Creating Things

Lisa Myers on International SEO

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David Mihm on Need to know of Local SEO

David Mihm Local SEO

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