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How to promote your infographics like a pro

Thursday, June 20th, 2013 by Chris Taylor

Infographics have taken off in a big way on the interweb. If somehow you’ve managed to miss them, first take a look at why infographics are so compelling to the human mind here (which is incidentally is a fantastic graphic!)


Infographics aren’t just blocks of stimulating eye-candy for your readers, though. They’re also one of the most shareable forms of web content when it comes to social media. When they’re propagated through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and the like, you’re giving the search engines a big hint that your infographic (and consequently, your website) is deserving of attention. Ultimately, well-designed and well-shared infographics could end up helping your SEO.

However, to maximise the search and social value of your infographic, you have to know how to promote it.

Here are a few tips that will help you maximise that reach.

1. Break the code

One thing people are quite guilty of online is snatching and grabbing. This can be particularly true when you’ve created something as visually titillating as an infographic.

It’s all too easy to just ‘right click > Save As…’ and run. Ideally, however, you should be giving your audience the opportunity to credit your work by providing some of the most popularly used code online, which, in most cases, will be HTML.

A decent example of this code in practice would be:

Infographic code from the Red Rocket Media site

Infographic code from the Red Rocket Media site

The result is that any user of this code will simultaneously credit your domain (for the image), your blog post (when the image is clicked on) and a credit by hyperlinked name underneath. That’s three signals to the search engines where your infographic originated.

2. Promote via your social channels

Once live, you want to tell your social followers about the dandy new graphic into which you’ve put so much work.

Besides tweeting the graphic “raw”, you should write an accompanying hashtag for your graphic: #infographic works surprisingly well, no matter what field you’re in.


Engaging others in conversation – “great blog you have there, we just made an infographic about this” – or asking directly for a share from someone – especially those you know – is also a good strategy for promotion.

3. Consult your little black book

Reaching out to parties you think might be interested in sharing your infographic doesn’t have to just be done via social media. The more traditional forms of outreach – sending an email, picking up the phone, including the image on your newsletter – work equally as well, if not better.


4. Infographic syndication

The main advantage of infographics over written content is that they can be promoted, shared and syndicated far and wide – without fear of causing a duplicate content issue.

To this end, familiarise yourself with as many free infographic submission websites as possible.

A few of the most popular include: Visual.lyDaily InfographicCool Infographics and Love Infographics; all of which have easy-to-use submission processes.

Uploading your graphic to sites like this will only expand its reach, especially considering many of these sites also share top infographics on their own social networks.

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*A word of warning though – make sure you cite links back to your site! Otherwise, you won’t bank any “link juice” for your efforts!

What great infographic promotion tips have you got? Let me know in the comments.

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