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How to come up with blog ideas

Monday, March 11th, 2013 by sbartlett

When you write blogs, you want to make sure that the material you write is shared across the web and that your audience engages with what you have to say. However, one of the main problems bloggers actually have is finding a topic to write about.

Many writers have vague ideas about what they want to include, or what subject to write on, but don’t really know how to start. There are a few simple steps which can be taken to ensure you will have heaps of material for your blog followers to enjoy.

Get reading

The best way to improve your own blogs is to read content from other writers. Look at some of the blogs you enjoy and try to analyse what makes them successful.

Make a list of all these points so that the next time you come to write a blog you will have them as a reminder about how to enhance your content.

You should also look out for trends in the industry – what are people talking and writing about at the moment? Feel free to cover these areas to keep up with current topics, but try to look at things from a different perspective or in a different way, as this will set you out from the crowd.

Research your target audience

The main thing your content will need to do is actually engage and be relevant to your audience. This means you will need to find out the kind of subjects your readers will be interested in. Work out where your audience hangs out on the web, what platforms they use and what topics interest them the most.

Make sure you send your blog to anyone who you think it might interest – as this is a great way to make or strengthen contacts. Getting your blog out there could lead to increased readership and even provide leads.

Stick with what you know

You may have noticed trends for certain subjects that you might want to write about, however if you don’t know much about the subject it may not be the best idea. Of course, tackling a new subject is a great learning experiencing and is manageable after research, but sometimes it is best to stick with what you know.

If you do want to try blogging outside of your comfort zone, try interviewing others who are experts in the field.  You could use the transcripts as part of the content, or just as research. This is also a great way to build contacts.

Keep a note of any ideas

Many people have lots of ideas for blogs, yet forget them quickly.  This is why it is important to jot down any blog inspiration that comes to you, no matter what time it is. This can be in the form of favouriting an inspirational tweet on Twitter, writing a note in your online calendar, or even the old school method of a pen and paper. Writing something down will jog your memory for when you come to write and will give you a great database of inspiration.

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