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How profitable is your Adwords mobile traffic?

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 by Georgina Wall

The PPC spotlight is well and truly shining on mobile traffic at the moment, with the new ‘enhanced campaign’ format now automatically assigning campaigns to display across all devices. This may work well for some advertisers, but if you are one of the many who previously chose to split your campaigns out by device, make sure you know exactly how profitable mobile traffic is to your campaigns!

A few things to consider…

The effectiveness of mobile traffic is not solely dictated by the end users. It will also depend on the information they are given from your end, as well as their reason for visiting in the first place.

Ad Extensions

Have you enabled relevant extensions to improve your ads and make the conversion journey as easy as possible? There are multiple options here which could help campaigns to convert.

• Call extensions. This is a must-have extension for mobile. The ability for smartphone users to simply click the screen and dial your number is a simple but hugely effective method of extension. Calls can be measured on the Adwords interface by viewing “mobile clicks-to-call”.

• Location Extensions. Very often, when consumers are out and about, they will Google what they’re looking for. By showing the location against your ads, they will see exactly how close-by you are, which is great at converting in-store purchases.

• Offer Extensions. Again, useful for in-store purchases. Offer extensions will show users a unique offer against your paid search listing, which they can redeem in store. Don’t forget to make this specific to PPC so you know exactly how many users have converted from the extension!

• App Extensions. Customisable by operating system, these extensions are an easy way to drive traffic to an app for purchasing.

Top tip – Use scheduling to ensure your extensions only show at times where a sale can occur, such as store opening times.


Is your website mobile friendly? If not, this is likely to turn users off and prevent a conversion taking place. This may seem like a lot of effort (and sometimes money), but it can mean the difference between keeping or losing a customer. Not only is this true for the main site, but also the sign up or payment journey – there is no point paying for traffic that can’t find out how to convert!

Cross Device

Are they conducting initial research for the product/service? If so, they may well use multiple devices before completing the conversion action. This could depend on multiple factors – the time of day for example.

Top Tip – Incorporating a user login function or a custom link for users to visit through at a later time can help to keep track of additional value from your PPC ads.

Now what?

Now that you’ve thought about these aspects, you’ll need to apply this information to the bid adjustment field available with the newly enhanced campaigns. So, if you see less value from mobile than you’d like, make sure you decrease your bids accordingly so that you don’t waste valuable campaign budget!

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Georgina Wall

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