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Google Enhanced Campaign Migration Explained

Thursday, February 14th, 2013 by Georgina Wall

Google Enhanced Campaign Migration Explained

Last week Google shocked the Adwords nation with their plans to overhaul the campaign structure we are all so at home with currently, and whether you’re “pro-enhancement” or “couldn’t-be-further-against-enhancing” the reality is, it’s happening! Since the announcement was made we here at Vertical Leap have been eagerly awaiting the first roll outs to get our teeth in to, and today seems to be the day! So, I thought I would document the process and see how easy Google HQ have made it to move over to the new structure.

Enhanced at First Sight

The first sign of Enhanced Campaigns you will see (other than the informative e-mail you receive) are within the campaign settings tab to show you that your campaigns are eligible to be migrated;

"Get Started"

Click ‘Get Started’ and you’re away! Next you are shown a little further information about what the changes will be, and how your campaigns will be affected, all positive of course! You are given the option to opt out and switch over at a later date, so don’t worry, you haven’t committed to anything…yet!

The Nitty Gritty

Pass go and the next box you will see is the bid enhancement options. Here you are given the option to adjust your mobile bids by various increments, note that if you want to opt out of mobile targeting altogether you will need to apply a custom decrease of 100%.

Bid Adjustment Box

Once you have decided which of the options suit the specific campaign best, make your selection and “Complete the Upgrade”.


Once this is complete, your campaign’s life is signed away! There is no turning back now, all new settings, and the percentage based bidding system to get your head around…roll on that percentage calculator we’ve been promised!
So, what else has changed? Within the settings tab you will now see the various targeting options in the form of neat green tabs where you can refine your campaign settings based on location, device and schedule. All pretty straight forward but to re-iterate, make sure that any non-mobile campaigns have the bidding opted for 100% decrease!

Enhanced Campaigns Settings

Or not…Site Link Extensions!

Not quite as done as first thought! You will now need to access the Ad Extensions tab which will display a similar upgrade box to the campaigns. You have the option to upgrade all the extensions for your campaigns and ad groups. This is a 1-Click process, and after “Around 10 Seconds” is completed and you are set to the advanced settings.
The good news here is the more comprehensive reporting and ability to schedule your extensions – really handy if you rely on phone sales and need sleep so don’t operate 24 hours a day!

How Was it for You?

Overall, the migration is very straight forward, with Google holding your hand every step of the way! Throughout the ‘upgrading’ process various handy links to pages further detailing the enhanced campaigns are displayed, making the whole process fairly pain free, which should take the edge off the mandatory migration for any advertisers who are not so keen on the new changes.

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Georgina Wall

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