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Disapproved Ads: One Display URL Domain Per Ad Group

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 by Henry Carless

PPCGoogle AdWords allows only one Display URL domain to be used for all ads within a particular group. This means that the same domain must be used for all ads that are either active or paused. This means you can’t use more than one domain name within an account and if you run two websites with two difference domains you need two accounts.

What is a domain?

A domain is the core part of a website’s URL (Internet Address – URL stands for Unique Resource Locator for those of you interested!). In the URL, the domain name is

  • A domain is usually made up of two parts: a name (like “google”) and a category (like “.com”). These combine to make a domain name such as “” Domains can use industry categories such as .edu and .gov, country categories such as .fr or .jp, or a combination thereof.
  • There can be many pages or sites within one domain. For example, all of these websites share the domain name “”

How do I fix this type of ad disapproval?

If your ads are disapproved with the reason ‘One Display URL Domain per Ad Group,’ you must edit them to ensure that the ad group only contains one domain in Display URLs. Once this has been completed, you can resubmit the ads for review.

To resubmit all disapproved ads in a campaign for review:

  1. Open AdWords in your browser, and open up the account in question.
  2. Go to the Campaigns tab and select a campaign where you have disapproved ads.
  3. Select the Ads tab.
  4. Look at the Status column and hover over the white speech bubble  next to “Disapproved.”
  5. Click “Resubmit my campaign for review.” N.B. Remember that this link will appear only if your ad was disapproved for certain issues relating to your site, destination URL, or display URL.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to resubmit the eligible disapproved ads in that campaign.
  7. The Status column will soon reflect the change in approval status – it will change from “Disapproved” to “Eligible” or “Under review.”

My ad group’s ads all share the same domain, why have they been disapproved for this reason?

If you notice that all ads in an ad group or campaign have been disapproved due to the ‘One Display URL Domain Per Ad Group’ rule – but your active and paused ads all share the same domain – this may be due to a known technical bug with the AdWords System.

Due to a technical bug, the system sometimes takes deleted ads into account when checking for multiple domains per ad group. If your ad group contains a deleted ad with a different display URL domain, all ads in the group may become disapproved. You will not be able to edit the deleted ads in order to change their display URL, and you will not be able to remove them as they are already deleted. This can be fixed by resubmitting the ads for review using the method above.

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