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Big boost for Bing

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 by James Lee

Brain explosionEveryone seems to be launching everything at the moment. Microsoft launched Xbox 1, Sony launched Playstation 4 and my dodgy bike brakes launched me over my handlebars. Amongst all the big – and for me, painful – launches, a small detail is sneaking past our gaze. Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 will have Siri directly searching Wikipedia, twitter and Bing.

Voice search is slowly speaking up for itself

Have you ever tried to you the voice search on your mobile? Passersby stop and stare as they see a crazed person shouting at their mobile in an exaggeratedly clear voice:

You: “dry cleaners in Portsmouth”.

Siri: “dry cleaners in Pompeii”.

Previously, voice search involved prompting Safari to open and search the web through your default search engine, usually Google. In today’s competitive market, Apple cannot afford to push further traffic onto Google. Integration of Bing onto Siri looks like a potential win/win for both.

Voice search will eventually benefit us

Voice search is designed to make internet search more efficient in our busy lives. Though Apple’s integration of Bing looks like a win/win, we have yet to see if customers will benefit.

We cannot tell exactly what the Bing integration into Apple products will look like. If useable and effective, it could increase the use of voice search – which I speculate is currently fairly low – and therefore increase Bing’s search volume.

‘If useable and effective’ – that is the key. We all remember the excitement surrounding Apple Maps. We also remember getting thoroughly lost on every journey we took using it.

SEO after Siri

Search engine optimisation is usually Google optimisation. We all sit glued to our screens at every announcement from Matt Cutts, head of search quality team at Google, and debate the minutiae of his comments. Ranking website on search engines other then Google is seen as an added bonus which may marginally increase site traffic.

This news will be a big boost for Bing, but let’s put it in perspective. Google currently has around 90% of the search engine market share. Bing has around 5.5%.  Google does and will do for the foreseeable future continue to dominate the search engine market.

Bing is bouncing back, though. Microsoft realised MSN live search was not effective and launched Bing in 2009. Since then, they are rumored to have invested £60 million per annum in marketing alone. Slowly, very slowly, Bing is boosting its market share.

Time to start thinking about your bing page ranking

To rank for highly competitive keywords is hard work. It is possible, but involves considerate time and effort on a website’s SEO, content and social media. It can take months, even years, to get that search engine page rank you dream off and the customers it supplies.

Could the addition of Bing to Siri be the moment we all take Bing a little more seriously? When it comes to ranking for competitive keywords, if we focused some effort towards Bing we may rank higher, faster, for less work.

In five years time we may return to this post and laugh at my silly suggestion that Bing could ever seriously compete with Google. The other possibility is we give more attention to Bing and potentially get on the Bing bandwagon before our competitors.

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