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Better ways to keep your audience current with Twitter, Facebook and blog updates (2/2)

Friday, December 28th, 2012 by verticalleap tagged , ,

Hello and a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

In my previous blog post I provided some guidance on how to subscribe to and read blogs wherever you wished; without having to keep returning back to the sites that provide the content.

To further minimise the work you have to do trying to keep up to date with all of the sites and publishers you’re interested in, this post is all about filtering through all of the noise on Facebook and Twitter. This information will also be useful if you have your own Facebook Page.

Let’s start with Facebook.

If you don’t login to Facebook for X number of hours, there’s a good chance you’ll miss an update, or have to scroll vertically down for an eternity in your news feed, until you find an update from a page (or friend) you have liked in the past. There’s an easy way to avoid this, without having to leave your news feed page.

  • Head to Interests on the left hand column
  • Click on +Create List

  • Search for the pages you have liked in the past, or any new ones for that matter.

  • You can combine multiple pages, or even friend updates
  • Name the list, and select the visibility options you want.
  • This New list now appears under Interests on the left hand column.
  • You can add it to your Favourites which is much easier to reach in your news feed page, by hovering your mouse over the list name, currently still within Interests.
  • Click on the pencil and “Add to Favourites”

Now you can easily flick between the live News Feed, and always see ALL of the posts from the people you want to. If you have your own Facebook page, why not create a list for your own page, and share the link to the list. Here’s ours!

With Twitter, the concept of lists appears again, plus the notion of missing tweets from people you follow. Ten tweets from any of them very quickly push tweets “below the fold” dependant on the app you use. You can get ten updates in ten minutes if you follow a lot of people. How do you keep up?

Best way, is to create categorised lists and most, if not all, Twitter clients will load up all of the lists you create. Lists can be public or private, and have a URL that you can share if you want to. This way you could create a list of all your your favourite tweets of the people you follow (and especially if your an avid publisher – just your tweets for your audience to easily subscribe too)
To create a list, for you or other people:

  • On, click on the cogs icon and select lists.

  • Create a public or private list and name it accordingly.

  • Now search for as many users you wish to populate the list with, in this case, 1 – verticalleap. Add this user to your list.

  • Now you should end up with a list of just Vertical Leap’s tweets, which you can quickly load up, in a manner and ease like you could with the Facebook lists described above (check my last blog post in the picture below – it’s all connected!)

  • You share the list you have created, in this case it’s this link for other people to use, or more commonly they’ll just find it on your profile to subscribe too.

  • Lists can be separate to the main news feed you have in your twitter client. For example in Tweetdeck, they can be dedicated columns

You can follow me @sendandreturn and hope you have found the last two blog posts from me useful.
Happy New Year once more!

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