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Behind every good SEO campaign, is a great content strategy

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 by Ben Hanvey tagged ,

Content MarketingIf you want me to give you an example of a sector in a state of rapid evolution and development, look at search marketing. Now entering my eighth month with the company, I have seen radical changes across the board and not just in terms of the services we provide, but the sector as a whole.

Our industry is evolving to make the web a better place. So in order to get to the bottom of why this is and what the effects will be, we need to go back to the very beginning.

What does Google want to do for you, the user?

In my opinion, Google has, does and always will want to return the most relevant search results for your chosen keyword. It does this by scouring the web in mere milliseconds for all the relevant search results based on your chosen term and then displays them in order of relevance accordingly. Of course, there is plenty more going on behind the scenes and a number of ridiculous mathematical equations and calculations influence the results! But simply put, the more relevant your website is and the more good quality, informative content you have to support that relevance, the higher it will rank.

Behind every great SEO campaign is a great content strategy

It’s as simple as that. Without content and a plan for managing that content, you will limit yourself and the reach of your website in tandem. Gone are the days of manipulating back links and leveraging other websites to beat the algorithm; these are all now picked up, identified by Google and result in negative ranking factors and penalties. Your website needs a portfolio of rich, diverse content that is easily shareable.

Optimising the pages, making sure you are getting as much reach as possible and making every single piece of content work for you is essential. An agency can not only provide and manage a portfolio of content, but also manage the optimisation and promotion of said content.

Take action and if you don’t know where to start, speak to someone that can help!

Think about your website and the content you could start producing; speak to agencies and find out what they can do to add value. Don’t just wait for rankings based on the longevity of your business or your existing online presence. Nationwide businesses are looking at content and maximising the reach of their webpages organically to drive new business.

Putting together a content plan can help you manage what you are creating, when you are creating it and what it the content will be used for. When looking at your site and a content plan consider what your users are looking for, what information would be helpful to them. Then look at creating content which addresses these needs, such as FAQs, How To Guides and updates on the latest news from your industry.  All of these techniques can help you promote your site, inform your potential customers and also increase your rankings.

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