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Thursday, February 7th, 2013 by Georgina Wall

ClockTablets, smartphones, ultrabooks, PCs, even TVs…With so many devices at our fingertips these days, the world of search is wide open to a mass of potential visitors, each with their individual needs and priorities. Do they all want the same product? Are they all looking to purchase at the same time? Is every single user looking with intent, or merely browsing the web to pass the time? Quite simply, the answer is no.

Targeting the right audience can be tricky at the best of times, especially with such a wealth of different scenarios to choose from. So how do you make sure that your precious advertising budget is being used effectively and reaching the right users? The answer to this is enhanced campaigns.

Benefits of enhanced campaigns

Google has rolled out this innovative feature as a way to tackle the daily challenges advertisers face in paid search worldwide. A recent study conducted by Google showed that 90% of multi device consumers switch between various devices throughout the search process before eventually completing a task. With this in mind, Google has granted the ability to target each campaign specifically by location, time and device. This is a major breakthrough for campaign management as it will allow advertisers to target users from a variety of perspectives, without the need to duplicate entire campaigns for separate situations. You will be able to see how users convert, when they convert and why! Basically making your campaigns work smarter and harder.

Ad extensions

You can even apply this to your Ad Extensions to best distribute information (phone numbers in working hours for example). Plus, with the advanced reporting available – now showing site link performance at last (hooray), campaign performance has never been so comprehensive.

So, how do enhanced campaigns work?

Here comes the science bit! Bids will be able to be adjusted based on a percentage model – sounds complex, right? Not as much as you would think… Essentially, you want to boost or reduce the bid prices according to the circumstance. So if an action (conversion) is more likely to take place at a specific time, or in a certain condition, you can enhance the targeting to reach the most relevant audience – making it easy for them to find the information they’re after and hopefully eliminating the risk that they will ‘shop around’.

A working example

A sports retailer (let’s call them ‘Vertical Leaping’) has both an e-commerce site and a high street outlet. The physical shop is open during normal working hours, but online consumers can of course purchase their goods 24 hours a day. So, to maximise the chance of closing a sale, ‘Vertical Leaping’ will target any mobile users within a 5 mile radius of their shop by increasing the keyword bids by 50% between the hours of 9-5, Monday to Saturday. Outside of these hours they will decrease the bids for mobile users by 50%. Simple!

Still to come

As with all brand new gizmos, there is always room to grow and this is no exception. A few things to watch out for in the future;

  • As of February 28th, all new campaigns will have to be enhanced.
  • Around March time, Google will have shiny new migration tools to help you migrate existing campaigns across (so if you have lots to do, perhaps wait until then)!
  • Auto migration of existing campaigns to the new format will take place in June – so no escaping from the enhancements!
  • A Calculator to show you the corresponding bid prices for your percentage based settings will also come into play in the near future…so don’t worry, they’ll do the maths for you!

Relevance is vital to the success of a campaign, so customising ads in this way can only help to improve the campaign ROI further. So, what are you waiting for, get enhancing!

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Georgina Wall

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