Apollo… access to everything you didn’t know! 

Our industry is data intensive – search engine rankings, competitors, visitors, conversions, budgets, leads, sales, etc. Apollo collects millions of data points every month from a variety of sources through our own distributed network of processors (we call them satellites). It then combines this with data via APIs from 3rd party systems such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords, SEOMoz, Majestic, AHREFs to name but a few…

This information extends beyond your website’s performance – we provide insight into the performance of your competitors too. We know, from the data, who your competitors really are and how they are performing (individually, as a group, and compared with our customer). This means that Apollo not only provides us with competitive advantage, it gives you competitive advantage too.

We also collect and analyse huge amounts of “pre-click” data.  We don’t just rely on lag metrics – we look at what is happening in Google before a visitor ever lands on your site.  We understand your total visibility in search – every query in which you appear, every position of every keyword and every click.  We collect this data, analyse it and make sense of it to ensure that your campaign performs across thousands of keywords.

Openness and transparency

In addition to compiling the massive amounts of performance data for your campaigns, Apollo runs the processes of our business.

Every activity of your campaign is logged in Apollo – we call this a Workstream – and it means you can see not only the results, but also the activities that will lead to those results – in real-time. You have access to this information via an Apollo login or by RSS feed. This is an important part of our culture of transparency – and provides us with a compelling attribute of trust and reassurance… all powered by Apollo.

Apollo is included for all clients

Apollo is extensive and gives us a very clear competitive advantage – as a differentiator, in how it significantly boosts individual campaign performance, and ensures that we are a very well-run business – it also gives you a unique advantage.

Apollo demonstrates our commitment to transparency in our practices and open communication with our customers:

  • 24/7 web-based access to customer campaign
  • Secure customer login with Vertical Leap User ID and Password
  • Daily workstream logs all account activity, so you can be assured your campaign is managed daily
  • Regular update emails that cover: position alerts, monthly reports and specific activity reports
  • Apollo transforms search analytics data into performance indicators to drive daily improvements on campaigns
  • Apollo manages at a granular level so Campaign Delivery Managers can see the impact of even the smallest variations to campaigns
  • Apollo runs 24/7 to ensure consistency and quality of work