Wirehive 100 - top 5 company

Wirehive 100 top 5 award

Since 2001, Vertical Leap has been ahead of the curve in search marketing, helping many companies grow their traffic and their brand awareness, as well as sales.

Our customers benefit from our devotion to content-driven SEO – where real, journalistic content adds value to a website and helps with brand awareness.

Data-driven, content-fuelled

Don’t listen to people who tell you all about where you rank for specific keywords. Especially don’t listen to people who give you guarantees about rankings. Did you know that, while there may be a few top keywords for your business, the large majority of your website traffic comes from a much wider list of niche search terms.

We work hard to ensure clients understand this distinction. Focusing on a handful of hero phrases is too limiting, and too dangerous. So we focus on everything. The data relating to your visibility in all search results helps us to devise a content-led strategy that can fix what’s broken, boost what’s working and fill what’s missing.

Specialists, not generalists

We purposely divide our services into campaigns that are delivered by specialists. Organic SEO is managed by professionals who only do content-driven SEO. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are managed by Google AdWords qualified professionals who do nothing but manage PPC and work with you to improve conversions.

Backed by other content specialists (trained journalists and experienced designers), these teams are equipped to give you a strategically sound service that is focused on your objectives.

We work in a transparent way, always keeping you informed of what we do and why. This is one of the aspects of Vertical Leap that helps us boast a 94% net retention rate.