We help our clients maximise the impact from the search channel, both organic and paid.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Welcome to the new SEO - we leverage big data, follow an agile marketing approach, deliver results in shorter timescales, and focus on visibility and traffic across all search phrases. Would you like your website to be optimised for long-term search traffic, penalty-free and able to attract traffic on multiple devices? You are in the right place.

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PPC - Pay Per Click

Would you like to pay less per click while ensuring you only pay to reach the right customers? As an official Google Partner agency, Vertical Leap's paid search professionals specialise in improving the return on your PPC investment. Why try to do it yourself when our specialists can do it for you and get better results?

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Blog › Organic Search SEO

The importance of reputation management in search results

Reputation management

In business, reputation is everything. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or how many customers you have, if you’re regarded as an unreliable company, your firm is doomed… Read more

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014, by Tom Chapman

Blog › Organic Search SEO

Four reasons you can’t ignore SEO

Sometimes SEO gets a bad name, as if optimising websites is a dark art form. Those who practise it can be found dancing under the full moon chanting… Read more

Thursday, August 14th, 2014, by James Lee

Blog › Organic Search SEO

How to reduce bounce rate with custom 404 pages

Ok, so a 404 page is not something you typically want site visitors to encounter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for when they do. Not… Read more

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014, by Nick Pearse

News › Industry News

Bing improves search results, encrypted sites to perform better in Google & ‘Right to be forgotten’ hits Wikipedia
Bing improves search results for software

People searching for software on Bing will now...

News › Vertical Leap News

Vertical Leap shortlisted for Best Use of Search in 2014 Wirehive awards

We are very excited, no scrap that, EXTREMELY excited to have once...

News › Google

Google Search uses hotel bookings to recommend nearby attractions

People who have a hotel confirmation in their Gmail account can now easily...

News › Vertical Leap News

The PLOD 2014 – Vertical Leap completes a 40-mile charity trek

At 00:15 on the 26th July we set off into the dark for the PLOD –...

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The ultimate Q&A to Google penalties

A lot of people in the marketing world have, at least once, heard that a website has been “penalised by Google”. What does this actually mean?

Perhaps more importantly, what can be done to prevent receiving a penalty and what should be done if a website has already been affected?

You can read about manual and algorithmic penalties in our Guide to Google penalties.

In this guide, we answer questions about how to recover from search engine

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A Guide to Optimising PDF Files Using Microsoft Word 2010

PDFs are a commonly missed opportunity. Google can read anything that you can basically click, drag and highlight in a

SEO Guides

A Guide to Google Penalties

How to identify a penalty, what to do about it, and when to expect things to improve. This guide will show you practical tips to identify or avoid a search engine penalty, as well as some case studies of penalty recoveries

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